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Registration & Transfers

New Students

Any new student registration inquiries please call Heather Mailey-Esposito at 757-427-9511

Transfer Students

The An Cor Rud School accepts transfer students. If you are relocating to Tidewater/Hampton Roads area and are interested in continuing Irish dance instruction, please note that you will have to meet with Heather Mailey-Esposito before beginning any class.
Student placement will be determined according to dancing ability and/or championship competition level.

To schedule a meeting please contact Heather Mailey-Esposito at 757-427-9511.

Please Note: Students transferring to An Cor Rud school should submit a new student registration form as soon as the decision to transfer is made.
Students transferring from another school in the Tidewater area may have to serve a six-month suspension from competition.
Students moving into the area from more than 50 miles away will not have to serve a suspension.